CAA Leadership

CAA Leadership


Aviation Executive Leadership 120-Hour Course

On-site or in Montreal


This affordable training syllabus addresses the needs of the both Level 1 and Level 2 Civil Aviation Administrators in a full-time, or part-time training program based on the assumed ICAO Level 4 English competency of all participants. Safety is the backbone of all topics. The curriculum puts the emphasis on management skills which complement experience and technical knowledge. The course provides senior managers in civil aviation administration with skills, knowledge, and practical experience which will enable them to function more effectively at levels of increased responsibility. Successful completion will lead to a Certificate of Achievement.

Experts from all over the world join CQFA to provide you with the best training available. They all have significant executive-level experience over many years in international civil aviation (i.e. ICAO, IATA, national authorities, etc.) International Aviation English courses available as well.

The 120-hour curriculum from fields of training identified in the ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Aviation Training Directory and structured according to ICAO Doc 9441 TRAINAIR PLUS Training Development Guide. The course covers :


Visiting the Nav Canada Regional Control Centre


Executive Leadership Class at CQFA Montreal Training Centre

CAA Leadership Training Participants at Nav Canada Headquarters in Ottawa


Cost quoted on request depending on location and number of participants. Please contact the CQFA at 514-300-2732, ext. 103 or email