The Regulatory Framework of UAV Flying in Canada
Unique in Canada. Complete regulatory framework for remotely piloted flight, presented in an animated format for active and future model aircraft pilots, as well as professional observers and UAV pilots.


Threat and Error Management (TEM) in UAV Operations
Introduces the concept of "Threats", those things that are the precursors to errors that may decrease safety margins in aviation. "Strategies" that will prevent threats from leading to errors and Human Factors in real-life UAV accident analysis.


Applied Jet Performance
Comprehensive jet performance course covering ramp-to-ramp, wet and dry operations. Fulfills NTSB recommendation A-08-41 (June 17, 2008) for training on the rationale for and criticality of conducting performance assessments before each take-off and landing, especially on contaminated runways.


Comprehensive Aviation Fuel Course

Pilots and dispatchers attending the Optimized Flight Fuel Management course enjoy the advantages of practical, relevant training, tips and techniques which help them to understand complex concepts and to avoid mistakes commonly made when planning and managing flight fuel requirements.



Canada - US Border Crossing
Complete information on Canadian-USA border crossing procedures, for pilots, dispatchers, DFOs, chief and training pilots.


CASO (Safety Officer)
Approved course covering the responsibilities of the Company Aviation Safety Officer. Meets the requirements of Canadian Aviation Regulations Part 7.


CFIT Avoidance
Transport Canada recognized CFIT Avoidance training used by numerous air carriers in Canada and abroard. Approved training when cited in the company's training manual.


International Aviation Procedures
Know the different organizations and service providers for international operations, how to plan international flights. Meet equipment and certification requirements. Read international flight plans and international navigation charts and master position reports.


High Altitude Training
Required training for all flight crew members operating aeroplanes above 13,000 feet ASL. Approved by Transport Canada when cited in the company's training manual.


Pilot Interviewing Essentials
Learn how to prepare and conduct pilots' (technical) interview. Appropriate for anyone directly involved in pilot interviewing including Human Resources personnel and management pilots. No prior training in human resources or personnel management is needed.


Surface Contamination
Transport Canada recognized Surface Contamination Initial and Recurrent Training Program, when cited in the company training manual. Required for all operations personnel to ensure they are aware of hazards and procedures for ice, frost and snow critical contamination on aircraft.


Introduction to Safety Management Systems
Nine sections preparing the candidate to the three modular in-class SMS training, covering SMS, Risk Management and Quality Assurance. Candidates get a comprehensive background on SMS : Why SMS? Where does it come from? For Flight Operations Managers and Maintenant Managers, Pilots, Technicians, Chief Instructors, Airport Managers.



 Radio Operator Certificate
This course will assist you in completing the exam to obtain your restricted operator certificate with aeronautical qualification. The course does not include the final exam or the certificate itself. You will need to contact an accredited examiner to complete the process.



 Online Aerodrome standards & recommended practices




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