Simulator Training

Simulator Training

CQFA operates four Flight Training Devices (FTD) made in Montreal by Mechtronix Systems Inc. At the St-Honore campus (CYRC), we use three Level 5 Ascent Trainers configurable as PA-31-350 Piper Navajo or BE200 Beechcraft KingAir, equipped with a KLN90 GPS coupled with a Sandel HSI and autopilot.

The Dorval campus operates a Level 3 Ascent XJ Trainer especially made for the CQFA and configurable as a large transport jet like a B737NG. The XJ is equipped with a dual Rockwell Collins FMS, a full autopilot, all glass cockpit, and panoramic visual.

BE200 FTD located in St-Honore, QC

IFR renewals are available on all our FTDs, with or without an instructor. Contact us for further details.